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Although fortseason3.com has not been around for a long time, we already find a variety of daily Fortnite fans. That makes us happy and we never thought that fortseason3.com would be that big. At the very beginning, even I had doubts about whether the whole work was worthwhile, today I can say that it has paid off in any case. I've already been able to help so many people for free and make sure they get more fun in Fortnite, for example, because they can afford more skins through V-Bucks. We will continue to make our website available for as long as possible. Even if the number of daily users drops drastically because Fortnite, for example, is not played that much anymore, that's no reason for us to help the last remaining users. Our goal at the time was to help the first user, just because we can now help many more people is no reason to let go of our first little destination. There has already been one person for us, in the future it will be the same. We appreciate your use of our website as long as possible, but you do not have to worry about us if you no longer want to use our website because you simply no longer play the Fortnite.

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